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So you require a Ford engine - Standard, Modified, or Big -for-Small. So letís look keenly at whatís on offer. There are currently, in this country, very few good modified FORD ONLY engine and parts suppliers. So ask these questions :

Do they specialise ONLY in Ford engine products ? Do they have facilities on their premises for the following : Balancing, Gas Flowing, Same-Day Exchange services on all normal machine work such as Reboring, Honing, Small End Bushing, Valve Seat Refacing, Cutting, Valve Grinding, Tuftriding, Regrinding, Surface Grinding, Chemical and Heat Cleaning Equipment, Beadblasting etc ?

Do they actually machine, assemble and fit the COMPLETE engine on their own premises ? Have they been in the business of building Ford engines for nearly 40 years ? Have they at least 10,000 sq ft of new, modern factory space ? Do they show you over the engine before assembly, i.e. showing new pistons, bearings, gears, valve guides, bore, crankshaft and camshaft size and types etc ? Do they provide a *one-day fitting service (*Two-day for some 1.9 + and 4x4). Have they over the last 40 years run a range of cars fitted with their demonstration engines - from the Anglia through every Ford model to the Sierra 4x4, including AC 3000 M.E., Dutton, Gilbern, Ginetta, Hensen, Lotus Cortina and Elan, Scimitar GTE, SS1 and Quantum. Latest Demonstrators P100 Pick-Up 2.0 OHC converted to 3.0+ V6 with uprated five-speed gearbox, modified suspension and brakes. Mondeo 1.8 Converted to 2.0 Zetec Stage 2
Do they ask you to inspect and decide on any "extras" such as clutch parts etc when the old engine is removed ? Do they give a 12 month / 12,000 mile parts and labour guarantee ? And assure that, if you have a problem, the vehicle will be back on the road within a maximum of seven days of your call (given normal circumstances). We do all of the above - and more !

So why buy a modified engine?

Mass produced engines are, by definition, built within a wide range of tolerances which fall short of the ideal. This ideal standard is the engine designerís original specification for each and every component part used. All these parts are cast or machined within parameters that accept operator error, worn machinery and temperature variation as a norm. Every component can vary in size by small amounts which, in themselves, may be insignificant. But, when combined with other components, can add up to unacceptable variation. To illustrate this point, let us imagine an engine built using the smallest acceptable components for one cylinder, with middle of the range sizes for two or three cylinders, and the largest acceptable parts for the fourth cylinder. The result would be a very rough engine indeed.

The same rule of chance also throws out that rare phenomenon, a new mass-produced engine - one in a thousand - off the line - that produces exceptional power because it is - by accident - exactly as the designer intended - almost a "blue print" engine. By accurate machining it is possible to build engines to that exacting, one in a thousand, specification. We aim for such standards - engines that are better than new. Producing more power, smoother and more economical. Hand built to a "one in a thousand" specification.

Not by accident - But by design!


All payment is made on completion of work. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard, American Express. Bankerís Drafts. Building Society Cheques. Private and Company cheques only accepted once cleared - Usually 10 banking days. Otherwise our terms are strictly cash.

VAT to be added to all prices quoted. Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.