ALL V4 TYPE ENGINES - 1700 / 2.000cc


Description Price

Our standard and modified engines will directly replace any Ford engined vehicle, fitted with a V4 engine, such as Corsair, Capri, Consul, Transit etc.

Standard Reconditioned Engine: All parts completely stripped, immersed in acid ‘bath’, then chemically ‘hot’ washed and cleaned, with all core and oil gallery plugs removed.

Cylinder Head : Completely reconditioned with new valve stem seals, new or refaced valves, all new valve guides where necessary. All valve seats re-cut, valve seat inserted and surface reground where necessary.

Cylinder Block : Rebored and cross hatch honed. All new core and oil gallery plugs fitted. New matched set of pistons. Mains checked for alignment and ovality. Surface ground where necessary.

Oil Pump : Fully reconditioned or replaced.

Camshaft : Reprofiled with new or resized followers.

Timing Wheel : New.

Crankshaft : Reground and polished. All new bearings, seals and gaskets.

Con Rods : Checked for alignment and ovality in big end housing.

PRICE : £ 594.00



Cylinder Block : "Late Type" Surface ground for maximum compression. Overbored. Choice of overbore +20 or +30.

Cylinder Head : All ports fully gas flowed and balanced.

Pistons : "Late Type" Fully balanced and lightened.

Con Rods : Crack tested and checked for alignment. Checked for ovality in big end housing. Fully balanced and lightened.

Crankshaft : Reground to minimum in stock, for strength.

Camshaft : New - Specially selected camshaft. New cam followers.

Timing Wheel : New - Fibre type with matched Crank and Balance Wheels.

Oil Pump : New - Drive and drive shaft. Plus all new seals and gaskets.

Tappet Settings : 0.013" Inlet, 0.22" Exhaust.

PRICE : £ 844.00



Cylinder Block : "Late Type" Surface ground for maximum compression. Choice of overbore : +30, +40, +60.

Cylinder Head : Fully gas flowed with larger ports, with matched springs and larger inlet valves.

Pistons : "Late Type" O/S Fully balanced and lightened.

Con Rods : New checked for ovality and alignment. Crack tested and fully balanced.

Crankshaft : Reground to minimum for strength. 0.010 Mains, 0.010 Big Ends.

Camshaft : New - Specially selected GT. New cam followers.

Timing Wheel : New German type - matched set.

Tappet Settings : 0.013" Inlet, 0.22" Exhaust or SEV 2 Camshaft at £ 37.00 extra. Tappet Settings : 0.014" Inlet and Exhaust.

PRICE : £ 1016.00



As full Stage 2 conversion, but with SEV2 modified camshaft.

Tappet Settings : 0.014" Inlet and Exhaust.

Larger Inlet and Exhaust valves (As Group 1 V6), further modified cylinder heads. Overbored 0.090" to 2,100 cc.

PRICE : £1236.00




All engines built prior to September ‘68 Add £87.00 surcharge as we only do the ‘Late Type’ engine.


By far the best way of gaining extra B.H.P. and Torque.

2,000 for 1700

Add £96.00 surcharge to whichever engine build you decide upon.

3,000 V6 for your V4

Please ring the factory for full specifications. Giving month, year, present engine size/type, gearbox, auto/manual and type of vehicle.

Carburettors, Inlet Manifolds and Air Filters

With any modified engine it is advisable to fit a modified Carburettor, Inlet Manifold and Air Filter. This allows the engine to ‘breathe’, so making use of the extra power.

Inlet Manifold : Capri 2,000 GT type £ 86.00

Carburettor : Modified Weber P.O.A.

Air Filter : Various Types Available P.O.A.


This is a treatment used in competition cars for hardening and strengthening metal surfaces.

Crankshaft Tuftrided £77.50

Tuftrided set of Con Rods £33.50

Engine Balancing

This ensures a smoother engine, lowers the tickover speed and allows it to rev more freely. All Stage 1, 2 and 3 engines have a half balance (Pistons and Con Rods) included in their price.

‘Half Balance’ Pistons and Con Rods on Standard engines only £ 38.50

‘Half Balance’ Bottom End, Crank, Flywheel, Clutch £148.50

Full Balance’ All Above £184.00

Gas-Flowed Cylinder Heads

This process involves machining the rough cast from each of the inlet and exhaust ports, also the combustion chambers (where applicable) to achieve better flow to each cylinder.

Stage 1 : Using Standard Valves £199.00

Stage 2 : Using Large Inlet / Exhaust Valves £266.00

Stage 3 : As Stage 2 but further modified ports £369.00

Modified Camshafts

For normal Fast Road use we advise our ‘blueprinted’ camshaft (included in all modified engines).

Extra Price (Standard Engines Only) £42.50

‘Hotter Cams’ - P.O.A.

We can only supply and fit modified / uprated braking, suspension and exhaust systems - If Available - P.O.A.

Same Day Fitting Service

We set our fitting charges at a very reasonable rate. This is to encourage our customers to take advantage of this very important service. We have very few problems with our engines, except when they are fitted or set-up incorrectly by DIY or outside agencies, which can mean more expense and in convenience for you, as the fitting is then not covered by our GUARANTEE. Whereas if we fit it, the fitting and all parts supplied are completely covered by our guarantee. Upon your arrival at 7.30am the engine is allowed to cool, then removal of the old engine proceeds. You are then shown over your new engine, i.e. the block assembly, showing the pistons, bore and crank sizes etc, then the cylinder head, showing valve type, sizes, springs, guides, seats and gas flowing of chambers and ports as applicable.

Fitting Charge £ 95.00

Every Engine is completely Hand Built and is the Sole Responsibility of One Engine Builder

By 9.30am your ‘old’ engine has been removed. We then ask you to inspect and decide for yourself if you require replacement of any parts, such as clutch, engine mounts, thermostat, hoses etc. If you are uncertain of what you are looking at, we will show you a new part to compare condition.

Radiator Testing

The radiator is sent away (unless new) and is tested under pressure to clear sediment, check rate of flow, repair minor leaks and finally resprayed.

Cost - £ 18.00

Your ‘New’ engine is then fitted including all necessary Gaskets etc. fully tuned in and road tested.

V.A.T. To be added to all prices quoted