About Our Guarantee

It really work for a number of good reasons. We appreciate that you the customer are the best possible advertisement we can have.

If you do have trouble we want to get you back on the road as soon as possible, (within a maximum of seven days of your all, given normal circumstances). Then you will spread the gospel to your friends of the quality and sincerity of our service, which in turn will bring us further customers. This is also the reason why we ask you to see the new engine built and your old engine removed, for you too see and decide for yourself if you require any 'extras' such as clutch parts etc.

The guarantee covers all new parts and labour supplied by us, including clutch parts, apart from expendable items such as, plugs, oil, and filter, whether we fit the engine or you do.

Note: All our work is carried out by our mechanics trained in Ford Engines only. All engines are built to the highest quality, whether they are standard or modified.

Each Piston, each ring is carefully measured to fit each individual bore. On the crankshaft each journal and bearing is sized to fir exactly. This applies throughout the engine reconditioning cycle.