Zetec 1.6 / 1.8 / 2.0 DOHC 16 Valve

Exchange 1.6 1.8 2.0 Zetec Engines


Description Price

01 Standard Reconditioned Engine £ 1155.00

02 Modified Stage 1 £ 1475.00

03 Modified Stage 2 £ 1875.00

04 Modified Stage 3 £ 2250.00

05 Modified stage 4 £2785.00

06 Modified stage 5 £3045.00

07 Removel of old engine and fitting new engine from £250.00

Performance Cam Shafts

08 Fast Road 1.6 Engine (Per Pair, cut from blanks) £398.00

09 Fast Road 1.8 / 2.0 Engines (Per Pair, cut from blanks) £ 398.00

10 Road Rally 1.8 / 2.0 Engines (Per Pair, cut from blanks) £ 299.00

Not suitable for standard injection)

11 Rally 1.8 / 2.0 (Per Pair, cut from blanks) £ 398.00

Not suitable for standard injection)

12 Race 1.8 / 2.0 (Per Pair, cut from blanks) £ 398.00

(Not suitable for standard injection)

 Hydraulic Cam Followers

13 Zetec Hydraulic (included in our engine) set of 16 £ 190.00

14 Zetec Mechanical (add difference in price if req’d) £ 316.00

 Zetec Vernier Pulleys

15 Steel (Per Pair) £ 150.00

16 Alloy (Per Pair) £ 175.00

17 Fitting verniers on all engines including new timing belt kit £ 225.00

 Performance Cam Belt

18 1.6 / 1.8 / 2.0 Litre Engine cam belt £ 38.50

19 1.6 / 1.8 / 2.0 Litre Engine cam belt kit with tensioner etc £ 78.50

20 Fitting From £ 125.00

Valve Springs

21 Heavy Duty Springs (Single grove icludes valve spring caps and platforms) £ 365.50

22 Heavy Duty Springs (tripple grove includes valve spring caps and platforms) £ 365.50

23 Titanium Retainers £ 196.00

24 Alloy Retainers £ 118.50

Gas Flowed Cylinder Heads

25 Modified Stage 1 £ 425.00

26 Modified Stage 2 (Includes Cams and 16 hydraulic lifters) £ 925.00

27 Modified Stage 3 (as above & and H D spring kit with Titanium retainers) £ 1290.00

28 Modified Stage 4 (as above & Verniers, bigger inlet, exhaust valves) £ 1825.00

29 Modified Stage 5 (as above & ARP head stud kit Cometic head gasket)  £2020.00 

30 Fitting any of the above from including new timing belt kit £375.00 

 Engine Balancing

31 Half Balance (Pistons and Rods) £ 75.00

32 Half Balance (Crank and Flywheel etc.) £ 75.00

33 Full engine balance all the above £140.00


34 Standard clutch 3 part Escort Fiesta From 220mm £ 95.00

35 Standard clutch 3 part Escort Fiesta From 240mm £ 110.00

36 Standard clutch 3 part including concentric bearing Mondeo 240mm from £ 150.00

37 Heavy Duty Escort Fiesta 220mm (not MT75) From £195.00

38 Heavy duty clutch Mondeo 240mm from £375.00

 Air Filters

39 K & N  Panel  filter From £51.50

40 57i kit Fiesta from £89.00

41 57i kit Escort from £95.00

42 57i kit Mondeo from £95.00 

Weber Alpha

43 Throttle Bodies gold kit From £1764.00

44 Weber D.C.O.E.’s 45 kit From £ 1102.50

Performance Exhaust Systems

45 Exhaust Systems P.O.A.

46 Exhaust Manifolds P.O.A.

Performance Braking Systems

47 Performance Braking System Kit P.O.A.

48 Performance Braking System Kit Fitting P.O.A.

49 Advice on Braking and Suspension

 Suspension Systems

52 Suspension Systems P.O.A.

53 Suspension Systems Fitting P.O.A.

54 Radiator Testing £ 17.00

55 Number Plates (Per Pair) £ 28.00

56 Zetec Short Block

57 1.6 / 1.8 / 2.0 (New and includes Engine Balance) £ 604.00

Zetec Oil Pump

58 1.6 / 1.8 / 2.0 (New Blue Printed) £ 121.00

Zetec Flywheels

59 1.6 / 1.8 / 2.0 (New Flywheels Lightened) From £ 157.50

Zetec Engines Turnkey

60 1.6 / 1.8 /2.0 Zetec (Full Engines) P.O.A.

61 About Our Engines

62 Advice and D.I.Y. Fitting



EXCHANGE 1.6 / 1.8 / 2.0 ENGINES

Our standard and modified engines will directly replace any of the Ford based Zeta double overhead cam models such as Escorts, Fiestas, Mondeos’, Morgans, Westfields, and many kit cars.

01 Standard Reconditioned Engines


All parts immersed in acid ‘bath’ then chemically ‘hot’ washed and cleaned, with all core and oil gallery plugs removed.


Cylinder Head


Completely reconditioned with new valve springs, valve guides, valve stem oil seals. All cylinder head surfaces are machined with the emphasis on the minimum amount removed. All valve seats re-cut or new inserts fitted as required. All valves are VAC tested to ensure optimum seating.


Cylinder Block


Rebored and crosshatch honed. All new core plugs fitted. New matched set of pistons. Mains checked for alignment and ovality and surfaces machined as necessary.


Crank Shaft


All crank shafts are linished or reground and polished and checked for straightness and crack tested. All new main bearings and big end bearings are fitted as standard.




Check for alignment and ovality in big end housings and all smallend and bigend housings are checked for overheating.


Cam Shafts


Re-profiled or new with all new hydraulic cam followers.


Oil Pump


New and checked for capacity and volume.




All new gaskets and new oil seals of the highest quality are used throughout the engine.


02 STAGE 1


As the full re-conditioning process as listed above, but also includes the following:-


Cylinder Head


Cylinder head is fully gas flowed to the highest quality and checked for flow.


Cylinder Block


Cylinder block is re-bored and machined as necessary. Each bore is cross hatch honed to exact size of each individual piston, is fully balanced by dividing the mass weight.


Oil Pump


New, and again of the highest quality.


Crank Shaft


Linished or re-ground to bottom limits with matched lead copper main bearings and bigend bearings.




Crack tested and checked for alignment, checked for ovality and overheating in housings and fully balanced and lightened.


Cam Shafts


New, all profiles are checked for matched quality in both lift and duration as in blue printed.


03 STAGE 2


As Stage 1 but including the following :-


Cylinder Head


Fully gas flowed as Stage 1, but also includes fast road cams cut from blanks, not reprofiled and new valve springs.


Crank Shaft


Fully balanced with flywheel and clutch (if purchased with the engine).




Fully balanced and lightened and pistons fully balanced.


04 STAGE 3


As Stage 2 but including the following :-


Cylinder Head


The stage 3 cylinder head also comes with the 16 heavyduty valve springs kit including new platforms and Titanium valve spring retainers


05 STAGE 4


As Stage 3 but including the following :-


Cylinder Head

the stage 4 cytlinder head also includes vernier pulleys for optimum cam timing, and 8 bigger inlet valve in 214n material and 8 bigger exhaust valves in 214n material. 


06 STAGE 5


As Stage 4 but including the following :-


Cylinder Head/ block assembly


The stage 5 has the cometic multi layer steel gaskets fitted along with the ARP head stud and nut set, and also has fitted the ARP big end bolt set and ARP flywheel bolt set fitted


Additional Parts for Extra Power and / or Strength


Our modified engines are built for normal Fast Road use, with the emphasis on retaining or increasing torque, but with an increase in BHP, smoothness and gains in petrol consumption, relative to the extra power given.


05 Performance Camshafts


Bearing in mind that any good camshaft increases BHP but invariably means a loss of torque – the general yardstick is ‘the higher the lift’ the lower the torque. As all of these camshafts do give extra performance, but invariably you will need to re-calibrate the ECU or change to Carbs or Throttle Bodies etc.


06 Fast Road 1.6


Power band is 1500 – 6200. Power increase approximately 12 BHP. Duration 264 degrees. Valve lift is .340″/ 8.64mm. Timing figures 22-62 / 66-22. Full lift 110 degrees. Valve clearance hydraulic.


07 Fast Road 1.8 / 2.0


Power band is 1500 – 6200. Power increase approximately 18 BHP. Duration 264 degrees / 260 degrees. Valve lift is .395″ / 10.03mm / .367″ / 9.32mm. Timing figures 22-62 / 60-22. Full lift 110 degrees. Valve clearance hydraulic.


08 Road Rally 1.8 / 2.0


Not suitable for standard injection. Power band is 2000 – 6800. Power increase approximately 22 BHP. Duration 270 degrees / 268 degrees. Valve lift is .438″ / 11.13mm / .368″ / 9.35mm. Timing figures 27-63 / 64-24. Full lift 110 degrees. Valve clearance hydraulic.


09 Rally 1.8 / 2.0


Not suitable for standard injection. Power band is 3000 – 7600. Duration 310 degrees / 302 degrees. Valve lift is .420″ / 10.67mm / .396″ / 10/06mm. Timing figures 49-81 / 79-43. Full lift 108 degrees. Valve clearance .008″/ .20mm .010″ / .25mm.


10 Race 1.8 / 2.0


Not suitable for standard injection. Power band is 4000 – 8500+. Duration 320 degrees / 312 degrees. Valve lift is .450″/ 11.43mm / .420″/ 10.67mm. Timing figures 58-82 / 80.52. Full lift 104 degrees. Valve clearance .008″/ .20mm .010″/ .25mm.


11 Hydraulic Cam Followers


We use only top quality genuine Ford cam followers in all our engines.


12 Zetec Hydraulic


Hydraulic cam followers are genuine Ford that are used in all our engines.


13 Zetec Mechanical


Mechanical cam followers, these are manually adjusted as a solid lifter and used only with the Rally and Race cams.


14 Zetec Vernier Pulleys


To ensure optimum valve timing used for getting the optimum performance from your modified cam shafts.


15 Vernier Steel


Made from steel and sold as a pair.


16 Vernier Alloy


Made from alloy and sold as a pair and a lighter design.


17 Verniers Fitted


Which includes supplying both verniers and new timing belt.


18 Performance Cam Belt


Only the highest quality used.


Belt Price


19 We do a performance cam belt to fit the 1.6 / 1.8 / 2.0 engines.


20 Fitting


Which also includes inspection of water pump and tensioners.


21 Valve Springs


All valve springs are new.


22 Valve Springs Single


Heavy duty single springs are used for all Fast Road and Road Rally cams. These can also be supplied for the standard engines aswell.


23 Valve Springs Double


Heavy duty double valve springs are used only with the Rally and Race cams.


24 Titanium Retainers


Used only with Rally and Race cams as they only fit the double valve springs.


25 Alloy Retainers


Used on all Fast Road cams and Road Rally cams and can also be used on standard cams.


26 Gas Flowed Cylinder Heads


This process involves machining the rough cast from each of the inlet and exhaust ports, also the combustion chambers to achieve better flow to each cylinder. Increases power between 10 and 15 BHP. It ensures a smoother ‘tickover’. And is more economical.


27 Stage 1 Cylinder Head


Cylinder Head is fully gas flowed to the highest quality and checked for flow.


28 Stage 2 Cylinder Head


Fully gas flowed as Stage 1, but also includes Fast Road cams and heavy duty single valve springs.


29 Stage 3 Cylinder Head


Fully gas flowed as Stage 1 and also includes Fast Road cams and heavy duty single valve springs as Stage 2. Also includes Vernier Pulleys.


30 Engine Balancing


This ensures a smoother engine, lowers the tickover speed and allows it to rev freely to its optimum. Engines have a half balance (pistons and cons rods) included in the price. Bottom end balance (crankshaft assembly, refaced flywheel) is included in the price of Stages 2 and 3. It is advisable if you are having a new clutch fitted to have this balanced with the crankshaft assembly.


31 Half Balance


Which is pistons and conrods.


32 Half Balance


Which is crankshaft assembly and refaced flywheel.


33 Clutches


All our clutches are of the highest quality.


34 Standard Clutches


Because of the high quality of our clutches these can certainly be used on standard Stage 1 and Stage 2 for normal fast road use.


35 Heavy Duty Clutches


There is a choice of two or three different heavy duty clutches, depending on the application and the use of the engine.


36 Air Filters


Ideal for the increased air flow required on performance engines.


37 K & N Filters


There are numerous air filters depending on the application required from the replacement panel filter to the 57 I Kits, which seem to be more popular.


38 Engine Fitting


We set our fitting charges at a very reasonable rate, this is to encourage our customers to take advantage of this very important service. We have very few problems with our engines except when they are fitted, or set up, incorrectly by D.I.Y. or outside agencies, which can mean more expense and inconvenience for you as the fitting is not covered by our guarantee.


Whereas if we fit the engine, the fitting and all the parts supplied are covered by our guarantee.


39 Escorts and Fiestas


It is sometimes possible to fit these in one day (old engine removal permitting).


40 Mondeos / Morgans and Kit Cars


These normally take two days.


41 Weber Alpha


It is common knowledge that the Zeta engine is greatly restricted on the inlet side of the engine (i.e.: the inlet manifold, throttle body and settings).


42 Weber Alpha System with Throttle Bodies


This includes 2 x Alpha throttle bodies. JR air filters. Throttle linkage system. Inlet manifold and fitting kit. Alpha engine management system. Fitting instructions and setting procedure. With the 1.8 version it is known to boost the power to 155 BHP on the 130 BHP version, it also boosts the 2.0 version from 128 BHP to 165 BHP. These kits release the performance potential of the production Zetec engine. A complete kit that covers both the fuel injection and distributorless ignition requirements, in a fully integrated package. The kits are supplied with a lambda sensor and can operate with exhaust catalytic convertors. The kits are fully calibrated for a standard specification engine. For other states of tune please contact us.


43 Weber Alpha System with D.C.O.E.’s


This kit consists of 2 x 45 Weber DCOE sidedraught carburettors. Throttle linkage system.


Inlet manifold and fitting kit. Air Filters. Alpha Distributorless 3D ignition system.


Throttle position sensor kit and fitting instructions. With the 1.8 version it will produce 155 BHP with 130 spec cams and on the 2.0 version 128 BHP is known to be boosted to 165 BHP. WEBCON have combined the legendary WEBER DCOE carburettor and the hi-tech ALPHA system. This proven combination releases the performance potential of the production Zetec. A complete kit that covers both the fuelling and ignition requirements, in a fully integrated package. The kits are fully calibrated for a standard specification engine. For other states of tune please contact us.


44 Performance Exhaust Systems


Performance exhaust systems can greatly enhance the breathing of the engine getting the exhaust gasses out much more efficiently.


45 Exhaust Systems


There are many to choose from most of which we do supply and fit, hence P.O.A.


46 Exhaust Manifolds


As above but not as widely available as the systems due to the different applications and more often than not the intrusion of the catalytic convertor.


47 Performance Braking Systems


A must if you are thinking of tuning your Zetec.


48 Performance Braking System Kit


The kits are varied depending on the application, from the basic kit which includes different brake pad material, different brake hoses (braided steel) and racing brake fluid to the full kit which can include all the above mentioned plus different brake discs, different callipers etc.


49 Performance Braking System Fitting


This is very important that it is fitted correctly. We would certainly advise that a performance braking system is fitted by ourselves or a reputable firm that specialises in this type of work.


50 Advice on Braking and Suspension


Very important in the way the car performs. If the braking and suspension system have not been maintained to a high level, we often find that when fitting a performance engine or performance parts to your own engine, it tends to show both for what they really are. So be warned.


51 Suspension Systems


A must for those who wish to improve the handling and ride.


52 Suspension Systems


As with the braking system, there are many to choose from and it really is a case of “How far do you want to go” !. They can all make the car handling better, but can make the car have a much harder ride, depending on how far you go.


53 Suspension Systems Fitting


As with the brakes, we would advise the same with the fitting of the suspension kit. We can either fit the system ourselves or again we would advise having it fitted by a reputable firm that specialises in this type of work.


54 Radiator Testing


The radiator is sent away (unless new) and is tested under pressure to clear sediment, check rate of flow, repair minor leaks and finally resprayed.


55 Number Plates


At cost price. With your vehicle’s registration number – then underneath the number, Specialised Engines Stage 1, 2 or 3 as applicable. Price per pair.


56 Zetec Short Block


These are new genuine Ford short blocks.


57 Zetec 1.6 / 1.8 / 2.0


The block assembly consists of the cylinder block, the crankshaft, the pistons and the conrods which come fully balanced. All parts used are new.


58 Zetec Cylinder Head


New genuine Ford units complete with valves.


59 1.6 / 1.8 / 2.0 Zetec Stage 1


Stage 1 as reference 27 but all the work is done on a new cylinder head.


60 1.6 / 1.8 / 2.0 Zetec Stage 2


Stage 2 as reference 28 but all the work is done on a new cylinder head.


61 1.6 / 1.8 / 2.0 Zetec Stage 3


Stage 3 as reference 29 but all the work is done on a new cylinder head.


62 Zetec Oil Pump


Brand new genuine Ford.


63 1.6 / 1.8 / 2.0 Zetec


We take a brand new genuine Ford oil pump, strip it, check it and Blue Print it.


64 Zetec Flywheels


Brand new genuine Ford. We can supply both front wheel drive and rear wheel drive depending on your application.


65 1.6 / 1.8 / 2.0 Zetec New Flywheels Lightened


We can lighten the flywheel on all Zetec engines which can help the engine rev more freely, again depending on application.


66 Zetec Engines Turnkey


Brand new genuine Ford Turnkey units.


67 1.6 / 1.8 / 2.0 Zetec (Full Engines) Turnkey


We offer a full range of these engines from 1.6 through to 2.0 in turnkey form, which means they come complete with gearbox and all ancillary equipment and are ready to fit. These are ideal for kit cars.


68 About Our Engines


Every engine is completely hand built and is the sole responsibility of one engine builder. We much prefer you to inspect your engine before full assembly i.e.: before sump and cylinder head are fitted. This way you can see all the work that has been done and also all the new parts that have been used, including seeing all the modifications that have been done. We also much prefer for you to see the engine removed if you are having the engine fitted, this is so that you can see the condition of the ancillary components. If you are unsure we can at all times advise you.


69 Advice and D.I.Y. Fitting


As with all our conversions please ensure braking and suspension are modified to suit extra power. WARNING – Do not expect any new engine to perform to it’s best until it has done at least 4,000 miles, also oil and petrol consumption can be greater until the engine has loosened up. D.I.Y. Fitting – Do not bite off more than you can chew as the bishop said to the actress. Please read fitting advice on the invoice.








Our ‘Mondeo’ was originally a standard 1800 Zetec fleet car owned by ‘Performance Ford Magazine’ until one fateful day when the piston and con rod decided to leave the sump and travel in the opposite direction down the A2 – Never to be seen again !! They delivered the car to us for assesment, and then decided it was an uneconomical to repair. We brought it from them, took out the 1800 Zetec engine and replaced it with a modified 2.0 Zetec engine, so this is where our story begins.


Our 2.0 engine had a full engine balance. We linished the crank and retained standard size for strength. We fitted heavy duty mains and big-end bearings, new oil pump, overbored the block to .5mm, with Hepolite pistons, the Pistons and Conrods were balanced, we gasflowed the cylinder head, new bronze liner valve guides, standard size valves, three way valve seat cutting and fitted a pair of 270 Piper Cams which were cut from blanks.


16 new hydraulic lifters were fitted, Vernier Pulleys for optimum timing, 2.0 Zetec Flywheel and Clutch, the 130bhp throttle body, specially fabricated four branch exhaust manifold and a special catalytic converter for extra power.




‘Ahmed Bajou’ the Ford electronics wizard has run a series of tests and set up the electronic control unit (E.C.U), Next came the power run tests on John Mowatt’s Rolling Road, Pound Lane, North Benfleet, Essex, (01268 728227).


Result : 118BHP @ 6,000 RPM @ The Wheels

This equates to between a minimum of 146.32 at the Flywheel (24%) to 148.68 BHP 26%


We believe the true figure is between 153-155 BHP as we have ‘lost’ around 7 to 9 BHP thro’ the tight new engine (2,600 miles) and the original worn suspension and transmission (97,00 miles!).

The major bonus is the driveability i.e. gains in torque allowing it to pull away in second gear and change directly into fifth and still pull smoothly.


In future we will be fitting the Weber throttle body and ignition system which will also be tested to see what further gains it gives.


We will be updating this on our website as it happens.

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