Triumph Stag 3.1 V6 Essex conversions





Tuned V6 Engine includes modified Weber Carburettor, distributor and leads, engine mounts, suitable spark plugs, fan belt, power steering belt, all coolant hoses and clips, inlet manifolds, large bore tubular exhaust plate, modified flywheel (modified torque plate automatic). Removal of ‘old’ engine, fitting and tuning above.

Stage 1 : £ 3,619.00 Plus VAT

Stage 2 : £ 3,773.00 Plus VAT

Stage 3 : £ 4,246.00 Plus VAT

Stage 4 : £ 4,834.00 Plus VAT


All dependant on condition of other ancillary parts used in your vehicle, such as : Radiator, fan assembly, starter motor, alternator, power steering etc.

We would prefer you to inspect the tuned engine in an ‘Exploded’ state prior to having it fitted. This is so that you can see that you are getting the specification you are paying for i.e.

Gas Flowing of Cylinder Heads

Size and type of Valves

Pistons, Bore sizes etc.

Also our Stag conversions include the Capri type sump. This is baffled to prevent oil surge.

As you can see by the enclosed specifications for the Stag Conversion the majority of parts used are new. The rest are fully reconditioned. Our 12 month 12,000 miles guarantee covers both parts and labour and is printed on the back of your receipt.

We have an excellent reputation to uphold, if you have any problems whatsoever please contact us at the factory.

Manual Gearbox

On pre November 1975 manual Stags we fit Triumph gearbox modification kit. The cost is £ 145.00 + VAT extra to above, but is very well worth it.

We also advise the fitting of a new visceous clutch in the fan assembly. If this breaks down, then it can write off the radiator.


On all Stags we have the radiator pressure tested and cleaned, this costs a further £ 42.00 + VAT.

New Stag Radiator £ 280.50 + VAT.

Heavy Duty Clutches

Price on application.

Number Plates

We are now offering number plates at cost price £ 21.00 + VAT with your own registration number, then underneath ‘ Specialised Engines Stage 1, 2, 3 or 4’ as applicable.

RS 3.100cc Specification

Cylinder Head

Modified gas flowed and balanced.


‘Late Type’ overbored to RS 3.100cc specification.


RS 3.100 type and fully balanced.

Con Rods

Checked for alignment, ovality in ‘Big End Housing’ and crack tested. Fully balanced.


Crack tested and checked for alignment. Reground to minimum for strength, or new.


RS 3.100cc type. Specially selected. New cam followers.

Timing Wheel

New – Steel heavy duty type.

Oil Pump

New – Latest type with new driveshaft to distributor. All new seals and gaskets.


93.76 Stroke : 72-44, Capacity : 3,093cc, CR : 9-1

Power ***

148 BHP @ 5,200 RPM, *** Dependant on type of exhaust manifolding used and condition of ancillaries such as distributor and carburettor.

PRICE : £3,619.00


As above but with ‘Big Valve’ heads. Further modified ports and matched inlet manifold.

When using these and DFI 5 carburettor, should give : I quote Fords’ claim in their X Pack advertisement : “With Big Valves, heads cleaned up and carburettor used on standard engine (not overbored and balanced as our engine is) 170BHP”

Quote ‘Tune Talk column ‘Hot Car’ September 1977’

“The only Ford to come my way was a Capri MK2 3 litre from Specialised Engines. The engine in that was basically an imitation of the RS 3.100 spec in the MK1 Capri of that name, and in spite of the greater weight of the MK2 (200 lbs. heavier) it matched or improved all the figures on our original test of the real RS 3.100cc.

PRICE : £3,773.00


As Stage 2 but with SE2 camshaft as standard and larger inlet and exhaust valves from standard, as Group 1 with modified carburettor as list.

PRICE : £4,246.00



This our ultimate Road engine for strength and power. As Stage 3 but includes : Steel main caps, tuftrided, crankshaft, ‘decked’ pistons and cylinder block. SEV 3 camshaft, heavy duty clutch.

PRICE : £4,834.50



Full balance with tuned engines, includes : New clutch pressure plate and lightened refaced flywheel. On Stage 1 and Stage 2 engines.

PRICE : £218.00


Kit comprises of 3 twin choke Weber carburettors, suitably choked and jetted, all linkages with choice of three separate sports type air cleaners or single air cleaner covering all 3, comes with specially made sand cast inlet manifold. Complete kit fitted and tuned in.

PRICE : £1,571.00

If fitted in conjunction with our Stage 2 or Stage 3 engines, advisable to have steel mains caps fitted into our engine. Additional cost in our engine is :


Dependant on type of vehicle but gas filled shock absorbers or adjustable type shock absorbers, anti dive kits, single leaf rear springs. Negative camber cross member, toughened insulation rubbers, stiffened front springs.

Prices on Application

Electronic Ignition

Beware, there are some cheap, poorly made versions on the market. Two noted magazines have done full tests on all makes available. At the time the top two were Mobelec and Luminition. In our opinion there are only slight gains up to 4500 rpm, but after this, mainly due to lack of points bounce, it comes into its own, particularly on tuned units. Against this, any failure means a “normal” garage would not, unlike a normal points set-up, be able to fix it. So we advise you to retain the normal

distributor parts and a screwdriver as a “get you home” device.

Filter King

A fuel pressure regulator which can be used on standard and tuned engines. Designed to save fuel by regulating the fuel feed pressure to the carburettor float

chamber, thereby not allowing the level of the fuel in the float chamber to become higher than its optimum.

Automatic Gearbox Type Cars

To gain full benefits of the extra BHP of our Stage 2 engine with SEV 2 camshaft or our Stage 3 engine, it is possible to have the automatic gear box uprated at a further charge of : £ 479.50 This includes complete overhaul of the gearbox.


On Stage 1 we stipulate a ‘blue printed’ ‘standard’ camshaft. Stage 2 choice of above camshaft or SE 2 type. SE 2 type ‘Fast Road’ camshaft, but tractable which can be fitted without modified cylinder heads to produce 16BHP increase with modified carburettor (subject to condition of other ancillaries).

SE 3 Camshafts

As SE 2 camshaft but specialists cam made from blank to ensure perfect timing.

Running In

This is much more important than on a new car, as some of your ancillaries, such as radiators, heater radiator, gearbox, exhaust system etc, could be as old as the car itself. It takes a new engine approximately 4,000 to 5,000 miles to loosen up, so bear this in mind regarding performance and economy.


The ‘old’ Stag V8 produced :

Maximum Power (net) 145 BHP @ 5,500 rpm

Maximum Torque (net) 170 lb. ft @ 3.500 rpm


The ‘Standard’ V6 Ford :

Maximum Power (din) 138 BHP @ 5,000 rpm

Maximum Torque (din) 174 lb. ft @ 3,000 rpm

With our tuned engines, depending on the condition of your ancillaries and which camshaft and stage of tune used, there are gains up to 194 BHP with plenty of torque.

We stress these are not cheaply ‘rebuilt’ engines, in fact they are hand built tuned units producing more power than the original V8 engine (not less as with the standard mass produced engine).

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