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Description Price

01 Standard Exchange Reconditioned Engine - £ 531.00

02 Stage 1 Exchange Reconditioned Engine - £ 835.00

03 Stage 2 Exchange Reconditioned Engine - £ 971.00

03A Stage 3 Exchange Reconditioned Engine - £ 1196.00

05 Solid Cam Followers - Add £ 202.00

06 Blank Camshaft - Add £ 146.00

07 Standard 1.9 + Engine - £ 1720.00

08 Stage 1 1.9 + Engine - £ 1927.00

09 Stage 2 1.9 + Engine - £ 2046.00

09A Stage 3 1.9 + Engine - £ 2271.00

11 Uprated Carburettor - Fitted £ 254.00

12 Uprated Carburettor,Auto Choke - Fitted £ 295.00

13 Weber Type Inlet Manifold - £ 130.00

14 Twin Carburettor Kit - Fitted £ 665.00

15 Tuftriding Crankshaft - £ 77.50

15a Tuftriding Con Rods - £ 33.50

17 Full Balance (Using your Clutch Pressure Plate) - £ 77.50

18 Half Balance (Using your Clutch Pressure Plate) - £ 38.50

19 Heavy Duty Clutches - £ P.O.A.

21 Gas Flowed Cylinder Heads Stage 1 - £ 235.00

22 Gas Flowed Cylinder Heads Stage 2 - £ 322.00

22A Gas Flowed Cylinder Heads Stage 3 - £ 498.00

24 Modified Warm-Up Regulators - £ 154.00

25 Vacuum Assisted Regulator - £ 217.00

27 Heavy Duty Head Gasket - £ 28.00

28 Heavy Duty Inlet Gasket - £ 10.00

29 "Late" Flywheel 220mm Standard and EFI - £ 99.00

30 Larger Capacity Clutches 220mm - From £ 142.00

31 Oil Cooler - £ 175.00

32 Complete 5-Speed Gearboxes - £ 588.00

33 Complete 5-Speed Gearboxes - Fitting £ 50.50

35 Anti-Pump Cam Followers (With Our Engine)- £ 73.00

36 Anti Pump Cam Followers (Outright Buy) - £ 126.50

37 Air Filters From - £ 30.00

39 Performance Exhaust Manifolds From - £ 92.00

40 Performance Exhaust Systems Only - £ 193.50

41 Performance Braking System - £ 176.00

41a Performance Braking System - Fitted £ 198.50

42 Suspension Systems - £ P.O.A.

44 Choice Of Piper & Kent Cams (W Our Engine) £ 117.00

45 Choice of Piper & Kent From- £ 146.00

46 Vernier Dural Timing Gear - (Supply Only) £ 81.50

47 Vernier Dural Timing Gear - (Set-Up & Fitted on Our Engine) £ 130.00

49 Radiator Testing - £ 17.60

50 Same Day Engine Fitting Service: Fords, Fiestas, Escorts, Orions - £ 109.00

51 SS 1 Scimitar. Engine Fitting Service - £ 145.00

52 Two Day engine Fitting service for Ginetta G32 and Quantum £ 193.60

52A Two Day engine Fitting service - Escort & Fiesta Turbo £ 162.00

53 Automatic Gearbox Types - Fitting Surcharge £ 13.00

55 1600 CVH Stage 1 for 1300 / 1400 - Fitted £ 1259.00

56 1600 CVH Stage 2 for 1300 / 1400 - Fitted £ 1503.00

57 1.9 + Stage 1 for 1300 / 1400 - £ 2329.00

59 34DMTR Carburettor / Not XR3 (Outright Buy) £ 342.00

60 Carburettor XR3 Only - £ 249.00

61 Number Plates - Per Pair £ 22.00

62 Important Advice on Modified Engine Management Systems

Also on Modified Turbos etc.

1.9 + BLOCK ASSEMBLY based on the new American 82mm block, overbored within Ford tolerances, including Crankshaft, Con-Rods, Oversize Pistons and Oil Pump. Modified to accept "European" Cylinder Head, Sump etc.

£1308.00 plus VAT



We now use only genuine manufacturer’s turbo low compression pistons, as we found that modified pistons were not always as efficient or strong enough.

Standard 1.6 Exchange Turbo Engine - £ 952.50

Stage 1 1.6 Exchange Turbo Engine - £ 1243.00

Stage 2 1.6 Exchange Turbo Engine - £ 1373.00

Fitting Charge - All Types - £ 162.00


Standard 1.9+ Exchange Turbo Engine - £ 1786.00

Stage 1 1.9+ Exchange Turbo Engine - £ 1993.00

Stage 2 1.9+ Exchange Turbo Engine - £ 2112.00

Fitting Charge - All Types - £ 162.00

1400 / 1800 CVH ENGINES ONLY

The 1400 and 1800 engines are very unlike the remainder of the CVH range. The blocks, cylinder heads, pistons, valves etc are different on both. Plus on the 1800 the cam followers, valve train and oil pump are also different. This makes them both more expensive to recondition and modify.


Exchange Standard Engine - £ 631.00

Exchange Stage 1 Engine - £ 941.00

Exchange Stage 2 Engine - £ 1054.00

Also "Big For Small" exchange engine prices remain exactly the same as in enclosed specification. i.e. : 1600 for 1400 and 1.9+ for 1400


Exchange 1800 Engine Standard - £ 783.00

Exchange Stage 1 Engine (as enclosed specifications) - £ 1083.00

*Exchange Stage 2 - £ 1586.00

*Stage 2 not as enclosed specifications. As Stage 1, but also includes big valve head, overbored to 1860cc, complete carburettor kit, includes adapter plates for air filter plus manifold conversions and all linkages etc. The inlet manifold is also gas flowed.

NB It is not possible to fit the 1.9+ version to the Sierra.


This type of engine was fitted to all standard carburettored Escorts, Fiestas, Orions, Morgans, SS1’s etc, between January ‘86 and September ‘89. They had an entirely different head configuration and pistons.

Standard Engine price - £ 600.00

Stage 1 - £ 900.00

Stage 2 - £ 1024.00


This type of fuel injection system (EFI) replaced the mechanical type injection system. It was fitted to the Escort XR3i from late ‘88 onwards and later the Fiesta XR2i and Orion injection models.

In standard form EFI equipped cars can be "pigs" (excuse the Anglo-Saxon, don’t know any French !) They have a reputation for slow pickup, hesitancy, flatspots and poor throttle response - to name but a few.

For our 1.6 EFI engines and conversions, we can supply specially selected injectors with matching flow rates and spray patterns, which are finally cleaned on an ultra sound machine. Set of Four (exchange) fitted : £ 167.00

For the 1.9+ conversions we advise the injector set (SE i4) plus a modified electronic control unit (ECU) exchange. This has improved fuel characteristics to cope with the increased performance.

Exchange Unit, fitted, set up and pressure reset : £ 195.00

Our 1.9+ Stage 1 Fiesta XR2i produced 146 bhp with this system fitted.

ALL CVH TYPE ENGINES 1100/1300/1400/1600/1800cc & 1.9+

Our standard and modified engines will directly replace any Ford CVH engined vehicle such as Escort XR3, XR3i, RSi, Fiesta XR2, XR2i, Orion, Ginetta G32, Morgan, Panther, Scimitar SS1, Westfield, Lotus 7, Quantum and all Kit Cars and derivatives etc.

01 Standard : All parts immersed in acid ‘bath’, then chemically ‘hot’ washed and cleaned, with all core and oil gallery plugs removed.

Cylinder Head : Completely reconditioned with new valve springs, stem seals, valves, valve guides and head surface ground as necessary. All valve seats re-cut, valve seat inserted and surface ground where necessary.

Cylinder Block : Rebored and cross hatch honed. All new core plugs fitted. New matched set of pistons. Mains checked for alignment and ovality. Surface ground where necessary. Oil pump fully reconditioned or replaced.

Crankshaft : Reground and polished. All new bearings, seals and gaskets.

Camshaft : Reprofiled with new or resized cam followers.

02 STAGE 1

Cylinder Head : Modified and fully gas flowed, with matched spring set, surface ground.

Cylinder Block : Rebored to 0.030". Each bore cross hatch honed to exact size of each individual piston. Each ring gapped and graded to each individual piston and bore.

Crankshaft : Reground to bottom limits available, with matched set of mains and big end shells.

Con Rods : Crack tested and checked for alignment. Checked for ovality in big end housing. Fully balanced and lightened.

Camshaft : XR3 blueprinted for BHP gains, or for towing or pulling power, a lower profile camshaft for maximum gains in torque. Plus normal reconditioning process as listed above.

03 STAGE 2

As full Stage 1 specification, but including big valve head - inlet valve size 1.710" and exhaust valve size 1.500". Cutting and throating of valve seat areas. Full engine balance included.

The above engines do not include ancillaries, such as clutch disc, clutch plate, bearing, engine mounts, hoses, clips, plugs, points etc. These are decided by you the customer at the time the engine is removed. (It may be the car has already had some new parts fitted). So please allow extra for anything required.


As Stage 2 but includes choice of camshaft kits from the full range of Piper & Kent Cams, This includes uprated springs aswell as the antipump followers.
The above engines do not include ancillaries, such as clutch disc, clutch plate, bearing, engine mounts, hoses, clips, plugs, points etc. These are decided by you the customer at the time the engine is removed. (It may be the car has already had some new parts fitted). So please allow extra for anything required.

04 RSI Only

05 Solid type cam followers used. Add surcharge. Also camshafts from Ford no longer available.

06 For camshaft manufactured from blank, add surcharge.

1.9 + ENGINE

07 Specification : The engine is based on the American 1850 "tall" block assembly which we modify to fit in place of any of our European CVH 1300, 1400 and 1600cc (but not 1800) engines, including derivatives such as Ginetta, Morgan, Scimitar, Lotus 7, Westfield and Quantum, and turbocharged CVH engines.

Cylinder Block : Overbored, then each bore cross hatch honed to suit each individual piston. Block face is then skimmed, completely stripped of oil gallery and core plugs. Pressure tested and thoroughly cleaned. All main bearing housings checked for ovality and line bored where necessary. Choice of bore sizes : 82.5, 82.75 or 83mm (1905 cc)

Crankshaft : American 88mm stroke. Small big end journal type. Specially developed by Ford to reduce friction. Giving gains in strength and reliability.

Oil Pump : New high flow late specification.

Con Rods : American, modified.

Pistons : 83mm American, modified.

Camshaft : XR3i profile. New followers.

Head Gasket : Heavy duty - Felpro.

Cylinder Head : Modified European. Completely reconditioned, valve guides replaced, valves and seats refaced/recut or replaced as necessary, new springs, seals and surface ground.

The complete engine includes all the above, plus reconditioned sump , pick-up pipes, new timing belt, new gaskets and cylinder head bolts. Each engine is hand built and the sole responsibility of one engine builder.

08 1.9+ STAGE 1 ENGINE : As above, but including gas flowed head. Blueprinted camshaft. Pistons and con rods fully balanced.

09 1.9+ STAGE 2 ENGINE : As full Stage 1, but including big valve head - inlet valve size 1.710" and exhaust valve size 1.500". Further cutting and throating of valve seat areas. Full engine balance included.

The above engines do not include ancillaries, such as clutch disc, clutch plate, bearing, engine mounts, hoses, clips, plugs, points etc. These are decided by you the customer at the time the engine is removed. (It may be the car has already had some new parts fitted). So please allow extra for anything required.


10 Uprated Carburettors : Specially jetted and choked to fit whichever engine size or state of tune required. New modified Weber carburettor with full manual choke conversion and all necessary linkages and fittings, to fit your present manifold.

11 Fitted

12 Auto choke fitted

13 1300/1400/1600 STANDARD ONLY : Weber type inlet manifold.

14 All CVH 1300/1400/1600/XR3/1.9+ : Twin carburettor kit including inlet manifolds, uprated petrol pump, air filters, all necessary linkages.

Tuftriding : This is a treatment used in competition cars for strengthening metal working surfaces.

15 Tuftriding Crankshaft

15a Tuftriding Con Rods

16 Engine Balancing : This ensures a smoother engine, lowers the "tickover" speed and allows it to rev freely to its optimum. All Stage 1 and 2 engines have a "half balance" (pistons and con rods) included in the price "Bottom End" balance : Crankshaft assembly, refaced flywheel.

17 Full Balance
18 Half Balance - Pistons and rods, or clutch, crankshaft, flywheel and pulley.

19 Heavy Duty Clutches - Price on application.

20 Gas Flowed Cylinder Heads : For all vehicles, including turbo and lean burn types. Combustion chambers and ports gas flowed and polished.

21 Stage 1 : As above, with standard size valves.

22 Stage 2 : As above, with big inlet/exhaust valves.

22A Stage 3 : As Stage 2 but includes choice of performance camshaft kit.

23 Modified Warm-Up Regulator(s) : Ideal with any modified, fuel injected engine, particularly the 1.9+ conversions. Gives improved fuelling characteristics throughout the rev range.

24 Warm-up regulator

25 Vacuum assisted regulator

26 Cylinder Head and Manifold Gaskets : These Felpro heavy duty competition gaskets (83mm bore size) are fitted as standard on all 1.9+ versions. We also have 82mm size for overbored 1.3 / 1.4 / 1.6 versions.

27 Heavy Duty Head Gasket

28 Heavy Duty Inlet Gasket

29 ‘Late Flywheel’ : Standard on all later engines, but suitable for early vehicles requiring the larger capacity clutch.

30 Larger capacity clutch - complete.

31 Oil Cooler

32 Complete 5-Speed Gearboxes : Can be supplied with correct differential and gear ratios for our range of engines. Including necessary conversion parts - gear lever, linkages etc.

33 Fitting with our engine

34 Anti-Pump Cam Followers : Specially designed for high revving engines.

35 Anti-pump cam followers - with our engine

36 Outright buy

37 Air Filters : Ideal for the increased air flow required on performance engines. Price depending on application.

38 Performance Exhaust Manifolds & Systems : Free flow "big bore" exhaust manifolds and systems which give useful gains in power. Prices depending upon application.

39 Application - Manifolds only.

40 Systems only.

41 Performance Braking System : Consists of competition front pads and rear linings, braided stainless steel brake lines, racing brake fluid.

41a System Fitted

42 Suspension Systems : We can supply a range of systems. Price on application.

43 Performance Camshafts : Bearing in mind that any good performance camshaft increases BHP but invariably means a loss in torque. The general yardstick is the "higher the lift, the lower the torque". The CVH Kent camshaft develops up to 15 bhp depending on application, with only a slight loss of torque.

44 CVH 22 Camshaft with our Engine

45 CVH 22 Camshaft without our Engine

46 Vernier Timing Gear : Advisable for accurate valve timing, essential with any performance camshaft. Supply Only

47 Fitted and set-up on our engine (inclusive).

48 SAME DAY FITTING SERVICE : We set our fitting charges at a very reasonable rate. This is to encourage our customers to take advantage of this very important service. We have very few problems with our engines, except when they are fitted or set-up incorrectly by DIY or outside agencies, which can mean more expense and in convenience for you, as the fitting is then not covered by our GUARANTEE. Whereas if we fit it, the fitting and all parts supplied are completely covered by our guarantee.

Upon your arrival at 7.30am the engine is allowed to cool, then removal of the old engine proceeds. You are then shown over your new engine, i.e. the block assembly, showing the pistons, bore and crank sizes etc, then the cylinder head, showing valve type, sizes, springs, guides, seats and gas flowing of chambers and ports as applicable.

Every Engine is completely Hand Built and is the Sole Responsibility of One Engine Builder

By 9.30am your ‘old’ engine has been removed. We then ask you to inspect and decide for yourself if you require replacement of any parts, such as clutch, engine mounts, thermostat, hoses etc. If you are uncertain of what you are looking at, we will show you a new part to compare condition.

49 RADIATOR TESTING : The radiator is sent away (unless new) and is tested under pressure to clear sediment, check rate of flow, repair minor leaks and finally resprayed.

Your new engine is then fitted, including all necessary gaskets etc. fully tuned in and road tested.

50 Same Day engine fitting service for all Fiestas, Escorts, and Orions. (Kit Cars P.O.A) 51 Same Day Fitting. S.S.1 Scimitar Engine fitting service takes approx 2 hours longer to fit. Important to arrive by 7:30AM. 52 2 day fitting service for Ginetta G32 and Quantum.

53 Automatic Gearbox Types - Fitting Surcharge.


1600 CVH STAGE 1 FOR 1300 /1400 CVH : Consists of 1600 Stage 1 specification engine (enclosed), new 1600 electronic distributor, 1600 clutch pressure plate, flywheel/driven plate. Modifications to inlet manifold etc.

55 Stage 1 - Fitted

56 Stage 2 - Fitted

57 1.9+ FOR 1300 CVH : All parts as above. Stage 1.

58 Modified Carburettor/Inlet Manifold/Air Cleaner : We strongly advise the fitting of a modified carburettor for maximum gains : 34 DMTR + inlet manifold + air cleaner, K&N type.

59 Outright Buy (Does not apply to XR3).

60 Carburettor - XR3 only.

61 Number Plates

At cost price. With your vehicles registration number - then underneath the number, Specialised Engines Stage 1, 2, 3, 1.9+ etc. as applicable.

62 Advice on Modified or Remapped Engine Management Systems

All our engines are built to suit the standard manufacturer’s system. We do not give any warranty on modified or "chipped" systems.


Our turbo charged engines are also only built to suit the standard manufacturer’s Turbo, Boost and Wastegate system. Again, we do not give a warranty on hybrid and/or larger capacity turbos or modified/uprated wastegates giving higher boost pressures.

Any of the above modifications put a greater stress on the engine and drastically shortens its life.


BHP AND TORQUE FIGURES : Beware excessive claims. In the July ‘90 issue of Car and Car Conversions, there was an article headed "CVH SHOOTOUT"

One demonstration engine produced 112 BHP, yet was claiming 150 BHP ! Another claiming 140 +, registered 122 BHP.

Rolling Road

The same article in Car and Car Conversions made some excellent points on their uses. This bears out what everyone in the tuning business has been saying for years. Basically, ignore the reading, as there are so many variables to consider. Rolling Roads are fine for ‘setting up’ an engine and its ancillaries, provided that the operator is good and that the comparisons are all done on the same ‘road’ and on the same day. Ensure a new engine has done at least 4,000 miles before putting it on a rolling road.


Do not expect any new engine to perform to the best of its capabilities until it has done at least 4,000 miles. Also the oil and petrol consumption will be greater until the engine has "loosened up".


When we first investigated the possibilities of a ‘big bore’ CVH engine, we tried all the engineering tricks of the trade to retain the strength of the block, including offset boring, various stepped, standard and thin-wall liners. We eventually ‘wrote off’ some seventeen 1600cc blocks in the process. We discovered that all the CVH blocks had much thinner bore walls than any other Ford blocks that we have worked on in the last 30 years.

When we consulted Ford Technical, they said "The CVH block is a thin bore wall design. We do not recommend overboring to more than 0.040" (1mm)". Further than that the radius at the top of the bore and the block face becomes dangerously weak. This will lead to distortion within the bore, causing piston/bore problems such as blow-by and pick-up. Also the weakening of this radius can cause caving-in of the block face thereby blowing the head gasket.

Fitting liners exaggerates the problem, as to get a bore size of 83mm means overboring the block to 85+mm, then fitting a liner, completely destroying the radius. It is a basic engineering fact that fitting liners weaken the block, other than blocks such as diesels, which are specially reinforced in manufacture. This certainly does not apply to the CVH.

It is then inadvisable to machine the block face (deck), because it will weaken it even further, from the top of the radius. We are certain that the 1600 block is not reliable beyond a 1.5mm maximum overbore. Certainly it would be even more inadvisable to rebore it even further once it has worn out ! It would be even weaker - so it would mean scrapping it. Even more expensive !


Our 1.9+ engine is based on the new American 1860cc ‘tall’ block assembly which has a standard bore size of 82mm (2mm larger than the 1600). We are the only engine builders to do the conversion in this way.

We do not machine, overbore, or modify any part beyond Ford’s tolerances. (We did not want to see Henry turning in his grave !). Therefore making it far superior both in strength and reliability. Also it is easily reconditionable again once it eventually does wear out.

In May ‘90 we approached Ginetta, the manufacturers of a new and exciting mid-engined sports car, the G32. They were already being supplied with a conversion based on the 1600 block from one of our competitors. We simply showed their engineers a cut-away 1600 block, illustrating all that we have explained here. They were astounded and we immediately gained an exclusive contract to supply them with our 1.9+ version.

RS Turbo 1.9 Version
We have sold a low compression version of the 1.9+ for the Escort Turbos for many years, but we find the big problem has been running them beyond their design perimeter i.e. too much boost and of course the wrong fuelling and this affects the 1.6 as much as the 1.9. So we have made the 1.9+ Turbo low compression to counteract this problem and build a bigger safety margin into the engine and it has worked very well indeed. Check out the articles written about the 1.9+ Turbo versions. Please do remember as with any Turbo engines we supply they are only guaranteed on all the standard ancillary parts and NOT on modified parts.


Since 1989 we have run a number of demonstrators with 1.9+ engines in various stages of tune. From the outset, we have continued development by buying a variety of CVH-engined cars, to which we have fitted our engines with various bore, valve, camshaft, clutch, fuelling (injection/carbs) and exhaust system types and sizes. The information gained gives us the best possible configuration of the engine build to suit your particular car.

What is suitable for an Escort XR3i is not necessarily good for an Orion or Scimitar SS1 for example.

All have been offered to Motoring Magazines to evaluate :

May ‘90 XR3i in ‘Fast Ford’

Oct ‘90 Ginetta G32 in ‘Fast Ford’

May ‘91 Orion project ‘Fast Ford’

June ‘91 Ginetta G32 in ‘Kit Car’

Sept ‘91 Fiesta XR2 in ‘Performance Ford’

Jan ‘92 Fiesta XR2 in ‘Fast Ford’

June ‘92 Fiesta XR2i in ‘Fast Ford’

June ‘94 Scimitar SS1 in ‘Fast Ford’

Oct 2000 RS Turbo 1.9 Escort in Fast Ford

Nov 2000 RS Turbo 1.9 Fiesta in Fast Ford

Jan 2001 S2 RS Turbo 1.9 escort in Performance Ford

April 2001 S2 RS Turbo 1.9 escort in Revs

Aug 2001 S2 RS Turbo 1.9 escort in Peroformance Ford


Our 1.9+ is a complete engine. It is far stronger, more reliable and can be reconditioned again. An added bonus is that it is a complete engine selling for less than the price our competitors sell a kit, once you have bought the gaskets etc. to build it. In appearance our 1.9+ looks exactly the same as the CVH blocks it has replaced, whereas conversions based on other blocks are drastically different.


Customer Letters:-






Dear Ian,

At last a photo of the car, I was hoping to get a clearer one of your ‘logo’, but so far its the best taken during a race. Sorry its taken so long ! I took the car along to TURBO TECHNIQUES of Luton (nearest rolling road) they were surprised by the power of the engine, 150BHP at the flywheel and 115BHP at the wheels !

Everyone seems to claim that their cars have more BHP at the wheels than me I’m not sure if they are dreaming ! I feel that my car has more torque’ the engine so far has not let me down - its the driver !

After missing two rounds I am twelfth in my class, hope to finish in the top ten ! The handling of the car has caused problems, but after some modifications things are improving. After six races my experience is expanding and this knowledge is invaluable.

One crash cost me £2,000 to put the body right, but this has not deterred me.

May I once again thank you for your sincere help in the early days, your advice and knowledge has certainly proved to me you are the SPECIALISED ENGINE people.

I will let you know how I’m doing.


Many thanks,


Eddie Shipway






Yes, this pink poser was a mere ‘85 1.1 Popular, many years ago. Simon bought the car as a project when he was just sixteen. The pop had been shunted at the front and Simon came to an arrangement with AJ Garrett Vehicle Engineering to get a straight front end grafted on. The new nose came from a vicar’s car and Simon likes to think that the clerical connection means that the Lord drives with him. The humble origins are hidden by an XR2 bodykit which is painstakingly grafted to the panels. A whale-tail spoiler, an aggressive bonnet scoop (from an FSO !) and a glossy coat of custom pink pearl paint complete the style.

For a while the car was run with just 1100cc’s but has grown to a serious 1930cc in stage 2 tune.

Specialised Engines of Essex squeezed what Simon calls ‘A genuine, no bullshitting 135bhp at the flywheel’. The engine is based on the American 1.8-litre Escort CVH and the finished product gives just the sort of torquey power that Simon was after. Under the RS1600i rocker cover (which came as a job lot along with the twin Weber DCNF carbs) spins a Piper 285 cam.

The exhaust is from Janspeed with an end can from PPR (Pacific Power Racing).

Unlike the other cars, this Fiesta carries its full interior and a good weight of sound equipment. A pair of Cobra seats grace the front and the rear seats are trimmed in matching material.


31 July 1989

Worcester Park


Dear Ian,

After having one of your Stage II engines fitted to my old Mark I Capri some 9 years ago and its subsequent breathtaking performance, I felt it was time to do something with my wife’s XR3i.

After three, maybe four, telephone discussions with yourself on general specification, with which you were most helpful, we decided to fit yet another Specialised Engine.

Your advice, technical back up, professionalism and general customer concern was, as ever, excellent and I must say that whilst your customers are your best advertisement, you most certainly support that with action.

In conclusion, I have no hesitation in recommending both your company and its skills to anyone contemplating moving forward quickly in a Specialised Engine.

Yours sincerely,

Roland Moore

cc: Mr B Melville


29th January 1991

Kevin Neal

South Benfleet


01268 750312

Thank you for doing a first class job on my MK 2 Fiesta.

You fitted a 1.9 CVH engine last May and to date I have had 25,000 miles of trouble free motoring.

Last November I needed a new exhaust so I had a PECO HDR manifold and system fitted by John Mowatt’s of Pound Lane, Benfleet. He also did a back to back run on his rolling road. With the standard Ford system the car produced 87 bhp. When the complete PECO system was fitted the car put out 108 bhp at the wheels.

I would recommend to you that all your CVH conversions should go on a Rolling Road. After my car was set up the performance was frightening. The torque the car puts out, would credit many a tractor.

If any of your customers ever need an independent recommendation do not hesitate to give them my telephone number.

Very well done.

Kevin Neal