Exchange 2.0 Litre Over Head Cam Engines


Description Price

01 Standard Reconditioned Engine £ 527.00

02 Modified Stage 1 £ 791.00

03 Modified Stage 2 Big Bore 2100cc £ 1025.00

04 Modified Stage 3 £ 1215.00

05 Performance Camshafts

06 "Blueprinted" with our Engine £ 39.00

07 "Blueprinted" without our Engine £ 59.00

08 S E F 22 Camshaft Kit with our Engine £ 72.00

09 S E F 22 Camshaft Kit without our Engine £ 119.00

10 Toughened Cam Followers

11 S E 12 Followers (set) with our Engine £ 29.00

12 S E 12 Followers (set) without our Engine £ 50.50

13 Vernier Duplex Timing Kit

14 Vernier Duplex outright price £ 64.00

15 Vernier Duplex setup on our Engine (inclusive) £ 100.00

16 Heavy Duty Valve Spring Set

17 Outright Price £ 29.00

18 With our engine £ 19.00

19 Gas Flowed Cylinder Heads

20 Stage 1 (See *Unleaded note below) £ 227.00

21 Stage 2 £ 300.00

22 Stage 3 £ 336.50

23 Low compression versions Add £ 29.00

24 Engine Balancing

25 Half Balance (Pistons/Rods) £ 38.50

26 Half Balance (Crank/Flywheel etc.) £ 38.50

27 Heavy Duty Clutches

28 Heavy Duty Pressure Plate £ 113.00

29 Heavy Duty Driven Plate £ 59.00

30 Clutch Release Bearing £ 25.00

31 Decking P.O.A.

32 Tuftriding

33 Crankshaft Tuftrided £ 77.50

34 Con Rods Tuftrided (set) £ 33.50

35 Uprated Carburettors

36 Suitable for Stage 1 (32/36 DGV) £ 214.00

37 Suitable for Stages 2 & 3 (38 DGAS) £ 288.00

38 Twin Carburettor Kit

39 Twin Carburettor Kit P.O.A.

40 Twin Carburettor Kit - Fitted £ 89.50

41 Air Filters

42 K & N Types for all models From £ 28.00

43 Performance Manifolds and Systems

44 Big Bore Exhaust Manifolds From £ 110.00

45 Systems Only From £ 116.00

46 Performance Braking System

47 Performance Braking System Kit £ 177.00

48 Performance Braking System Kit - Fitted £ 24.00

49 Filter King

50 Fuel Pressure Regulator £ 52.00

51 Big Engines for Small

51a 3.0 V6 (Essex) for your OHC P.O.A.

52 2.8 V6 (Cologne) for your OHC P.O.A.

53 5-Speed Gearbox for your 4-Speed Gearbox

54 Complete Conversion Fitted £ 1168.00

55 Unleaded Petrol

56 Advice on Braking and Suspension

56a Suspension Systems P.O.A.

57 Limited Slip Differentials P.O.A.

58 Number Plates £ 21.00

59 ‘Hotstart’ Engine Pre-Heater £ 139.00

60 Advice on Electronic Ignition

61 Advice on Rolling Roads

62 Same Day Fitting Service

62a Cortina / Capri etc. £ 71.00

62b RS Escort / Mexico / Sierra / Granada £ 97.00

62c Automatic Gearbox Types Add £ 13.00

63 Radiator Testing £ 18.00

64 DIY Fitting

*Unleaded Cylinder Head Conversion. For Standard and Stage 1 Only.

All new exhaust valve inserts, all new bronze valve guide inserts.

Exchange Standard Head: £214.50. Exchange Stage 1 Head: £328.00

Exchange 2000 OHC Engine

Our standard and modified engines will directly replace any Ford OHC engine powered vehicle such as Cortina, Capri, Escort RS2000, Granada, Sierra, P100, Transit, Ginetta, Westfield 7 and many Kit Cars.

01 Standard Reconditioned Engines

All parts immersed in acid ‘bath’, then chemically ‘hot’ washed and cleaned, with all core and oil gallery plugs removed.

Cylinder Head : Completely reconditioned with new valve springs, stem seals, valves, valve guides and head surface ground as necessary. All valve seats re-cut or new inserts fitted as required.

Cylinder Block : Rebored and cross hatch honed. All new core plugs fitted. New matched set of pistons. Mains checked for alignment and ovality. Surface ground where necessary.

Crankshaft : Reground and polished. All new mains and big end bearings.

Con Rods : Checked for alignment and ovality in big end housing.

Camshaft : Reprofiled with new or resized cam followers.

Oil Pump : Fully reconditioned or replaced. All new oil seals and gaskets.

02 Stage 1 : As full reconditioning process, also includes the following.

Cylinder Head : Fully gas flowed with matched set of valve springs.

Cylinder Block : Choice of overbore (+0.020", +0.030", +0.040", +0.060") increasing cubic capacity to 2064cc. Each bore cross hatch honed to exact size of each individual piston. Pistons fully balanced.

Oil Pump : New

Crankshaft : Reground to bottom limits available, with matched set of mains and big end shells.

Con Rods : Crack tested and checked for alignment. Checked for ovality in big end housing. Fully balanced and lightened.

Camshaft : Blueprinted for BHP gains, or for towing or pulling power, a lower profile camshaft for maximum gains in torque.

03 Stage 2 "Big Bore" 2100cc : As for Stage 1 but including the following :

Cylinder Head : Big valve head, further modified ports. Cutting and throating of valve seat areas to accommodate bigger valves.

Cylinder Block : Choice of overbores +0.060" to 0.090" increasing capacity to 2096cc.

Con Rods : Honed to size of each individual piston pin. Full engine balance, crankshaft, flywheel, clutch plate etc. Blueprinted oil pump.

04 Stage 3 : As full Stage 2 specification but including decked pistons and block. Heavy duty clutch driven plate and clutch pressure plate.

S E F 22 Camshaft Kit

Additional Parts for Extra Power and/or Strength

Our modified engines are built for normal Fast Road use, with the emphasis on retaining or increasing Torque coupled with an increase on BHP, smoothness and gains in petrol consumption, relative to extra power gained.

05 Performance Camshafts

Bearing in mind that any good performance camshaft increases BHP but invariably means a loss in torque. The general yardstick is the "higher the lift, the lower the torque". The "Mexico" blueprinted camshaft (included in the price of all stages of tune) gives reasonable gains in BHP with only a slight loss in torque.

06 "Blueprinted" Exchange Camshaft with our Engine

07 "Blueprinted" Exchange Camshaft without our Engine

For further gains in BHP we recommend the S.E.F.22. We only supply this camshaft with the Vernier Duplex timing gear kit, machined valve spring seats on cylinder head and heavy duty valve springs.

08 SEF 22 Exchange Camshaft Kit with our Engine

09 SEF 22 Exchange Camshaft Kit without our Engine

(Includes modifying your cylinder head)

10 Toughened Cam Followers

11 Set of Eight with our Engine

12 Set of Eight without our Engine

13 Lightweight Vernier Duplex Valve Timing Kit

14 To ensure infinite valve timing, essential for getting the optimum performance from modified camshafts.

15 Fully set up and timed on our engine.

16 Heavy Duty Valve Spring Set

17 Outright Price

18 With our engine

19 Gas-Flowed Cylinder Heads

This process involves machining the rough cast from each of the inlet and exhaust ports, also the combustion chambers (where applicable) to achieve better flow to each cylinder. Increases power by between 10 and 15 BHP, ensures a smoother "tickover" and is more economical.

20 Stage 1 : As specifications

21 Stage 2 : As specifications

22 Stage 3 : As specifications

23 We can also do lower compression versions of the above heads, for use on Turbo, Supercharged or Low Compression Engines.

24 Engine Balancing

This ensures a smoother engine, lowers the "tickover" speed and allows it to rev

freely to its optimum. Our engines have a "half balance" (pistons and con rods) included in the price "Bottom End" balance : Crankshaft assembly, refaced flywheel and pressure plate is included in the prices of Stages 2, 3 & 4.

25 "Half Balance" Pistons and rods

26 "Half Balance" Crankshaft, Flywheel and Clutch

27 Heavy Duty Clutches

28 Heavy Duty Clutch Pressure Plate

29 Heavy Duty Clutch Driven Plate

30 Clutch Release Bearing

31 Decking

Removing metal from piston crown and/or block to equalise piston heights to achieve absolute balanced compressions. Included in some stages of tune (See specifications). Included in Stage 3 Versions.

32 Tuftriding

This is a treatment used in competition cars for strengthening metal.

33 Crankshaft Tuftrided

34 Con Rods (set of four) Tuftrided

35 Uprated Carburettors

Specially jetted and choked to fit whichever engine size or state of tune required. New modified Weber carburettor with full manual choke conversion and all necessary linkages and fittings, to fit your present manifold.

36 Suitable for Stage 1

37 Suitable for Stages 2 & 3

38 Twin Carburettor Kit

39 Twin carburettor kit including inlet manifolds, uprated petrol pump, air filters, all necessary linkages

40 Fitted

41 Air Filters

42 Ideal for the increased air flow required on performance engines. Price depending on application.

Performance Exhaust Manifolds and Systems

43 Free flow "big bore" exhaust manifolds and systems which give useful gains in power. Prices depending upon application.

44 Manifolds

45 Systems only

46 Performance Braking System

Consists of competition front pads and rear linings, braided stainless steel brake lines, racing brake fluid.

47 Braking Kit

48 Fitted

49 Filter King

50 A fuel pressure regulator which can be used on standard and tuned engines. Designed to save fuel by regulating the fuel feed pressure to the carburettor float

chamber, thereby not allowing the level of the fuel in the float chamber to become higher than its optimum.

51 Big Engines for Small

51a 3000 V6 (Essex) in exchange for your Overhead Cam Engine.

52 2800 V6 (Cologne) in exchange for your Overhead Cam Engine.

Both conversions give tremendous gains in both BHP and Torque. Ideal for P100’s and Transits requiring extra pulling power and for Sierras, Granadas, Capris, Cortinas etc. requiring that extra "Go!"

Please request separate specifications if you are interested.

53 5-Speed Gearboxes

Can be supplied for your 4-speed gearbox. Including necessary conversion parts, gear lever, linkages, modifications to mountings etc.

54 Gearbox Fitted.

55 Unleaded Fuel Conversions

Although we offer converted heads, we consider this a last resort. It involves fitting valve seat inserts which can crack, or worse, drop into the bore, causing severe damage. This usually happens through overheating or if the engine is stressed. It is advisable to retard the ignition by some 3 to 4 degrees, which in turn means losing some engine power. In the circumstances we are advising our customers to wait for L.R.P. (Lead Replacement Petrol)to come onto the market. SHELL have stated that they will be replacing their leaded pumps with this, come changeover. They have already done so in most European countries which have banned leaded petrol. They claim that long term tests have shown that it is a safe and suitable replacement.

56Advice on Braking & Suspension

As with all our conversions, please ensure braking and suspension are modified to suit extra power.

Warning - Do not expect any new engine to perform to the best of its capabilities until it has done at least 4,000 miles. Also the oil and petrol consumption will be greater until the engine has "loosened up".

Our engines do not include ancillaries, such as clutch disc, clutch plate, bearing, engine mounts, hoses, clips, plugs, points etc. These are decided by you the customer at the time the engine is removed. (It may be that the car has already had some new parts fitted.) So please allow extra for anything required.

56a Suspension

Dependant on type of vehicle, but gas-filled shock absorbers or adjustable type shock absorbers, anti-dive kits, single leaf rear springs, negative camber cross members, toughened, insulated rubbers, stiffened front springs.

57 Limited Slip Differentials

58 Number Plates

At cost price. With your vehicles registration number - then underneath the number, Specialised Engines Stage 1, 2, 3 or 4 as applicable.

59 "Hotstart" Engine Pre-Heater

Ensures instant warmth to interior, immediate window demisting and improved fuel consumption by a claimed 46% on short journeys. Avoids use of automatic or manual choke and improves safety on wet icy roads by eliminating engine racing whilst on choke. Ensures easy starting and reduces engine wear, extends battery, starter motor and exhaust life. (Up to 50% of engine wear occurs during the first few minutes.)

60 Electronic Ignition

Beware, there are some cheap, poorly made versions on the market. Two noted magazines have done full tests on all makes available. At the time the top two were Mobelec and Luminition. In our opinion there are only slight gains up to 4500 rpm, but after this, mainly due to lack of points bounce, it comes into its own, particularly on tuned units. Against this, any failure means a "normal" garage would not, unlike a normal points set-up, be able to fix it. So we advise you to retain the normal distributor parts and a screwdriver as a "get you home" device.

61 Rolling Road

The July ‘90 issue of Car and Car Conversions made some excellent points on their uses. This bears out what everyone in the tuning business has been saying for years. Basically, ignore the reading, as there are so many variables to consider. Rolling Roads are fine for ‘setting up’ an engine and its ancillaries, provided that the operator is good and that the comparisons are all done on the same ‘road’ and on the same day. Ensure a new engine has done at least 4,000 miles before putting it on a rolling road.

62 Same Day Fitting Service

We set our fitting charges at a very reasonable rate. This is to encourage our customers to take advantage of this very important service. We have very few problems with our engines, except when they are fitted or set-up incorrectly by DIY or outside agencies, which can mean more expense and in convenience for you, as the fitting is then not covered by our GUARANTEE. Whereas if we fit it, the fitting and all parts supplied are completely covered by our guarantee. Upon your arrival at 7.30am the engine is allowed to cool, then removal of the old engine proceeds. You are then shown over your new engine, i.e. the block assembly, showing the pistons, bore and crank sizes etc, then the cylinder head, showing valve type, sizes, springs, guides, seats and gas flowing of chambers and ports as applicable.

Every Engine is completely Hand Built and is the Sole Responsibility of One Engine Builder

By 9.30am your ‘old’ engine has been removed. We then ask you to inspect and decide for yourself if you require replacement of any parts, such as clutch, engine mounts, thermostat, hoses etc. If you are uncertain of what you are looking at, we will show you a new part to compare condition.

63 Radiator Testing

The radiator is sent away (unless new) and is tested under pressure to clear sediment, check rate of flow, repair minor leaks and finally resprayed.

64 DIY Fitting

‘Don’t bite off more than you can chew’ as the Bishop said to the Actress !

‘Have you got the right tool for the job ?’ as the Actress said to the Bishop

Keep everything clean. Use plenty of oil - as Specialised Engines say.

Leave plugs out when first turning the engine over - this will help your ‘old battery and starter motor’ against the new, tight engine. Fill the oil filter with oil, prime it. Set tappets before adjusting timing (using a timing light). Read further instructions on the front and back of the engine receipt. PROBLEMS ? STOP ! RING US ! We are here to help you. It is part of the guarantee that you bring the car back to us, for its first service.

Finally - don’t fit it yourself. "We can make a much better job of it and at a reasonable price !" As the Actress said to the Bishop.